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Be a Zelensky T-Shirt


Make a bold and witty statement with our Cotton T-Shirt featuring the print "In a World of Putins, Be a Zelensky." Crafted from soft and breathable cotton fabric, this shirt ensures comfort all day long. It is a perfect choice for those who want to express their perspective. Wear this shirt with pride and let your individuality shine.

TheRocket donates $9 from each T-shirt in this collection to support Ukrainians affected by the war.


Sustainable Custom Apparel

At The Rocket, We believe in creating unique clothes that will stand the test of time—not just because they're beautiful, but because they're also made to last.

High-Quality MATERIAL

When you buy our clothes, you're not just buying something that looks good—you're buying something that feels good too. That's why we've made it our mission to make our fabrics as soft and comfortable as possible.


We are always working hard to get orders out as soon as possible no matter the size.


There is no minimum required at the rocket. Allowing our customers to order as little or as much as they want.